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Art summer


Art at Nuntorp Gård

Art summer at Nuntorp Gård

Come and experience art at Nuntorp Gård this summer! Between June 26 and August 17, we have the exhibition open during our opening hours. In total, around 40 artists will exhibit during the summer. Enjoy good food and inspiring goods in Gårdsbutiken while you can see fantastic works from artists in the local area. Week 32 & 33 Galleri Olika has an exhibition with us.

Watercolor | Acrylic | Oil | Drawings | Photography | Metal Art | Silversmith | Textile

With art from, among others:

Patrick Allier | Dan Nilsson | Martina Cronholm Boyle

Johanna Linder | Bo Granlund | Roland Johansson

Rolf Linder | Susanne Schubert | Gudrun Nilsson

Susanne Atkins Ryman | Kristina Blakstad | Kalle Levin

Britt Svantesson | Bertil Larsson | Ingegerd Andersson

Karin Grönlund | Inge Dahlgren | Lars Eric Fjellman

Nina Nermark | Christoph von Rohden

Beata Alfredsson Grahn


Galleri Olika have their exhibition during week 32 & 33


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