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Stepping up Sustainability

Nuntorp Gård has sustainable development and green nutrition as a central part of our business. Our goal is to be an inclusive and innovative workplace and a green center where ideas about sustainability can flourish.

Through our collaborations with local suppliers, we support the regional economy while reducing operational and transport emissions. This enables us to offer seasonally fresh and flavorful vegetables from local farms, reducing our ecological footprint. We love to prepare classic Swedish dishes, sometimes with a little twist. Then it is perfect to have a rich selection of different products from nature. It creates an interesting, tasty and healthy variety.


Local food with love as we say!

In addition, we actively work to reduce food waste by using the food products in our various operations before they become too bad to consume. This is good for both the environment and the soul! In our farm shop, in addition to food, we also have home furnishings and products for the home. We have adopted the same approach for these products as well – locally produced as much as possible! Our local area is filled with skilled farmers, craftsmen and artists. By visiting us, you will get in touch with everyone at the same time in an inspiring way.

In agriculture and energy, we focus on sustainability by using biochar to improve soil quality and reduce carbon dioxide emissions. We generate our own renewable energy from wind turbines and solar cells, which reduces our carbon footprint and provides locally produced electricity. By being less dependent on the fluctuations of the major energy markets, we can maintain a high degree of sustainability, both financially and environmentally.

We are firmly convinced that it is entirely possible to run a successful business while taking care of our planet and thinking about future generations. Please come and visit us and we will tell you more about our work and our passion for sustainability.

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