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About Nuntorp Gård

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Where the city meets the country

Nuntorp Gård, commonly known as Nuntorp, has been a gathering place and destination for learning and development of the green industry and the Swedish household since 1944. Hundreds of students have received their basic education within their guilds at Nuntorp and, even today, education is conducted at Nuntorp through Nuntorpspsgymnasiet's Naturbruksline and Special School.

Today, Nuntorp Gård is so much more than that - it's buzzing with activities and innovative development processes at Nuntorp Gård!


Our vision is for Nuntorp Gårds to be the place "where the city meets the country".

Pynt grön.png
Nuntorp Gård förr

The past

Please take part in Nuntorp's history. If you take the time to scroll through our timeline, you will find gems from the past and major milestones that both shaped and developed Nuntorp Gård. History is so much more than numbers - it is the people with their stories and anecdotes that make it come alive.


We also want to hear your story related to Nuntorp. Were you a student here or did you work on the farm? Do you have old photos or fond memories? Feel free to tell us - and your story can also get a place on our timeline. And remember that many small puzzle pieces make up a picture and sometimes the smallest pieces are the most interesting.

The present

Nuntorp Gård today is a meeting place for people and a centre for the development of the green industry. The three most popular actors are The Gröna Klustret, Nuntorps High School and our own restaurant and farm shop.  But at Nuntorp Gård there are additional businesses that have chosen to establish themselves here to be part of the development and knowledge centre that is being created.

More actors are interested and new establishments will take place later. Are you curious about what you can contribute to Nuntorp Gård's Centre for the Green Industry? Visit our Business Park page for more information.

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