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Tasty pizza from the local area

Sourdough pizza at Nuntorp Gård

Stone oven-baked sourdough pizza made with local flour from Ludens Gård and Assarebyns Kvarn and with rapeseed oil from Mariannes Bee Farming. We cook the tomato sauce on our pizzas ourselves in the kitchen at Nuntorp Gård and the basis of it consists of tomatoes from Gällenäs Grönsaker. The cheese we use is Sarella (Swedish organic mozarella) from Stekosterian in Skaraslätten and cheese from Sivan's Osthandel. All seasoning is based on what is in season right now and with local ingredients from producers in Dalsland and Västra Götaland, you can be sure that the ingredients are well selected. A food craft baked from scratch with our own sourdough. Welcome to us at Nuntorp Gård to rock your taste buds and enjoy really good pizza!

Lundens Gård
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