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Swedish Fika


Swedish Fika!

Swedish Fika at Nuntorp Gård

We at Nuntorp Gård enjoy hearing the coffee-drinking guests who stop for a coffee in the lively countryside. Here, in the middle of the Dalslands plain, you will find good pastries for adults and children, and with flour from our local producers, the optimal "Swedish fika" moment is created. We bake all the bread ourselves from scratch and always have gluten-free alternatives. Maybe you are only staying for a short visit, but according to our experience, our guests are happy to stay a while extra and take part in the wonderful Nuntorp spirit with a good atmosphere and nice conversation. Here you will find some of the producers we use for our baked goods.

Wermlands Choklad
Lundens Gård
Assarebyns mjöl.png
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